Discussion and Feedback on Work in Progress

After deciding upon the subject, purpose and audience for my poster, the next stage was to start the actual design process. First I listed some words that were associated with the words ‘Travel’ and ‘The Netherlands’ and then I drew some symbols to go with these words. Next, I tried to merge these ideas together to create something conceptual. 

Here’s my initial idea sketch that I came up with, which blends the concept of an airplane landing on a runway with a windmill:

The next stage was to discuss my evolving design work with my colleagues. The response seemed positive – they all seemed to really like my idea, and they gave some feedback that I could make the runway part slightly longer so that it looks more like a runway.  

I then discussed the idea with the lecturer who also gave a positive response. Another idea that the lecturer gave was to possibly try to make my design slightly more abstract. 

Overall, discussing my poster assignment using in-class feedback has helped me think of ways I could improve my design, it has also helped to give me new ideas that I may not have imagined by myself. 

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