Many things throughout my life have made me into the visual designer I am today. One example would be my travels around Europe in 2017/2018. The experiences I had when travelling are very meaningful to me – I feel like they helped to inspire and influence me. 

I enjoyed experiencing the different cultures in the cities I visited. I enjoyed visiting the various art galleries and museums and trying out different food in the cities.

Also, I particularly liked looking at all the different architecture, and how different each places style would be. One of my favourite places for this was in The Netherlands, where the architecture was really varied. I really liked visiting the windmills which are dotted all around the countryside and also the capital city, Amsterdam which has a mixture of 17th Century canal houses and more modern architecture which makes it look quite quirky.

Here’s a couple of my favourite photo’s from my travels:

Here’s my name graphic that I made in class using Adobe Illustrator. I decided to use the ‘American Typewriter’ font because I liked how it has an old fashioned yet modern appearance, I felt like this gave it a quirky look. 

It was my first time in using Illustrator, I found it fairly straightforward to use. I like how you can focus more on altering the text. I particularly like how you can alter the letter spacing, which is what I mainly focused on when making my name graphic. 

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