Colour Palette Bauhaus Poster

Here’s a few examples of my take on a Bauhaus inspired poster but I have tried out various different colour palettes this time, compared to my original design where I used traditional Bauhaus style colours.

Here I’ve used a colour palette using similar shades. I like this one because the colours all compliment each other really well.

This posters colour palette was chosen using compound colours. Despite the colours all being quite different they still seem to compliment each other and don’t clash. I also feel that the use of different colours on this one help the shapes and text stand out more.

Here I used a monochromatic colour palette. I feel that it is quite similar to the first one where I used similar shades. This helps in giving the poster a uniform look.

Overall I like how the use of a colour palette helps to create an image in which the colours compliment each other compared to if you were to choose random colours. It helps the poster really come together.

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