Visual Design in the Library

The library has some great examples of the use of Principles of Visual Design. 

(1) is a section of the library that contains lots of reference books. There are many uses of lines, shape and form throughout this part including the structure of the bookshelves, and everything is shaped very geometrically. The carpet is separated into two different colours/textures so you can identify the walkway and aisles easily. The signs which are at the end of the bookshelves also use line and shape to help the audience clearly see which books are on which side.

This part of the library (2) featured more of a variety of shapes than the section on the first photo. The designer of this part has thought carefully about the placement of the objects – for example how the main windows at the top are central to the bigger windows underneath and how at each work desk the light is in the centre to give optimum lighting and the plug is placed in the left corner to keep the desk space quite clear. The lights hanging from the ceiling also have good form – this again helps to give lots of light to the area.

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